Realize the True Potential of RNA Targeting Small Molecules through Optimizing Design & Technology of Improved Assays & Screens for Efficient Identification of Potent, Selective & Biologically Relevant RNA Target

August 20-22, 2024, Boston, MA

Welcome to the 2nd RNA Assay Development & Screening Summit 2024: Revolutionizing
RNA-Targeted Drug Discovery with Robust Assays & Screens

There has been many exciting investments and advancements in the field, such as Atavistik Bio raising an additional $40 million to advance their small molecule therapeutics and Servier and Base4 expanding their partnership to accelerate development of neuroscience drugs. However, the discovery of potent RNA targeting small molecules is plagued by limited robust assays and screening methods for understanding the RNA target structure as well as the mechanism of action of the small molecule drugs.

Hence, this August the 2nd RNA Assay Development & Screening Summit returns to Boston. Remaining as the first and only industry dedicated event on developing sensitive, robust and reproducible assay and screening methods, the 2024 agenda contains brand-new content and a refreshed pre-conference workshop day to enable accurate understanding and validation of RNA targets and RNA-small molecule binding to ensure therapeutic potential.

Join 80+ technical experts from the likes of AstraZeneca, Atavistik Bio, AbbVie, NextRNA Therapeutics, Expansion Therapeutics, Accent Therapeutics and more at the 2nd RNA Assay Development & Screening Summit 2024 to discuss assays and screening methods for understanding the true potential and mechanism of RNA-targeting small molecules to find treatments to currently ‘undruggable’ targets.

Pre-Conference Workshop Day: During interactive, deep dive sessions key technical experts will be discussing how to best harness biophysical screening strategies to better interpret drug-target interactions as well as uncovering methods to accurately identify long non-coding RNA targets for developing more potent small molecule drugs.

Fresh Insights & Brand New Data: With 70% brand new speaker faculty from key stakeholder companies as well as new companies entering the field, including the likes of AstraZeneca, Arrakis Therapeutics, Molecure, Wayfinder Biosciences, Biogen and more, access the latest strategies for developing reproducible and sensitive assay and screening methods.

Even More Technical Content: This forum is your one-stop shop for deep-diving into biopharma’s innovative assay and screening strategies to validate RNA targets, characterize RNA-small molecule binding and identify the potential of targeting RNA binding proteins to fast-track the discovery of RNA-targeting drugs.

2024 Expert Speakers Include:

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