Welcome to the 2nd RNA Assay Development & Screening Summit 2024!

The 2nd RNA Assay Development & Screening Summit 2024 is returning to Boston with 3 jam-packed days of exciting content and discussions, this meeting will showcase novel and innovative assays, screening methods and strategies for identifying new RNA targets, validating RNA-small molecule interactions and unlocking the potential of targeting RNA binding proteins to accelerate the discovery of RNA-targeting drugs.

Why Attend?

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Uncover biophysical screening strategies for improved understanding of RNA-small molecule interactions to accelerate hit identification with Molecure & AbbVie

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Explore innovative assays to understand the mechanism of action of small molecule drugs for improved selection of potent lead candidates with Biogen, NextRNA Therapeutics & Remix Therapeutics

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Accelerate identification of selective RNA binders through novel screening and assay strategies for fast-tracking more effective drugs towards the clinic with Arrakis Therapeutics, Atavistik Bio & Wayfinder Biosciences

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Leverage omic-based methods and screening strategies to understand the effects of targeting RNA binding proteins to widen the landscape of disease targets with Accent Therapeutics, University of Texas at Austin & University of California San Diego

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Overcome RNA’s dynamic nature by optimizing tools to accurately understand the RNA target structure to improve characterization of druggable pockets with Expansion Therapeutics & CHDI Management

What's in Store for 2024?




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